Soul Seat - Ergonomic Yoga Chair Designed to Alleviate Chronic Pain

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The Soul Seat was designed to address one of the primary sources of lost productivity at work, chronic low back and neck pain. One of the first things people notice about the Soul Seat is that it's backless. You won't ever see a back on a Soul Seat because it is designed to support our healthy body's daily dance with gravity. We want you to leave work each day at least as flexible as you arrived.

Each Soul Seat is hand-crafted by artisans in and around Columbia, Missouri MO. Pack Matthews created the patented design in collaboration with engineers, physical therapists and fine artists. Our re-defined ergonomic chair is as beautiful as it is functional. A full 90 day money back guarantee lets you join this revolution in seating risk free.

If you've heard the meme, “Sitting is The New Smoking” you may already be aware of the health risks associated with our sedentary way of working. We now know that we have to keep moving in ways that engage the large muscles of our pelvis throughout the day, or else we become prone to diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions. If the standard office chair keeps us comfortably motionless for more than 30 minutes, can it still be called ergonomic? It's easy to feel like we're in a bind. The best jobs involve lots of sitting, but too much sitting is wrecking our health. Soul Seat was designed to resolve this conflict. It works well in concert with stand-up desks and brings active sitting to any work place or home.

Meet the Designer of Soul Seat - Pack Matthews

Pack had been teaching Yoga for more than a decade when he noticed he and many of his students were losing hard won gains after returning to their desk jobs between classes. Determined to prevent a family history of debilitating arthritis from robbing him of mobility as well, Pack first moved all his office and musical equipment to the floor to keep stretching all day. Pack's first iteration of what is now the Soul Seat emerged from perching a floor-like platform on an old task chair he found discarded along Broadway Blvd in Columbia. Pack's passion for well designed tools led him through numerous subsequent designs with the help of local talent and early fans.