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"Proper alignment is effortless."---- Sienna, yoga instructor and massage therapist.

“With the Soul Seat you immediately assume an appropriate position for your pelvis and your spine,” says Dr. Larry Bader, osteopathic physician. “Once you get your back into proper alignment your health naturally improves.”

“It’s the perfect chair,” ---- Dr. Larry Bader, osteopathic physician.

"I just received my Soul Seat slip cover made of lambswool yesterday and I am thrilled! The Soul Seat alone is incredibly comfortable, and the lambswool cover makes it even more breathable, soft, and incredibly comfy. Sitting at my desk at work feels like a decadent luxury. After using the Soul Seat for over 6 months now, I would NEVER go back to using a standard desk chair." -- Laura Herbig Schopp Director of an Organizational Wellness program for 18,000.

"This is the best addition to my office! I am amazed by how inviting this is, and keeps me working all day and evening. The answer to my busy desk-work schedule! Not only is fun and highly functional, it is beautiful and space-saving. The burgundy vinyl looks and feels like leather, no quality was compromised. Do yourself a favor, get a Soul Seat! You will enjoy every day you have it, I promise!" -- Christina Asbee, Lawyer in Maine.

"I got my Soul Seat in the mail today and put it together and am sitting on it now. Wow! My tummy feels so good! How does a chair make your tummy feel better? You have to try it and see!" -- Liat Miriam Gat, Palo Alto CA

"I just got my new soul seat for the studio. I am in heaven! It is the best. I feel refreshed, focused and ready to create some great art. Thanks Pack!" -- Kate Gray, artist

"What a wonderful product and small business! I am in love with this chair and I the customer service!! Get one, you will not regret it!!" -- Joyce Sgro Sportsman, Las Vegas

Soul Seat also provides the perfect position for meditation. Sienna, a nationally certified yoga instructor, recognized the benefits of the Soul Seat the moment she tried it.

“I feel buoyant when I’m on the Soul Seat and proper alignment is effortless,” says Sienna, who also is a licensed massage therapist.

"The only piece of furniture I love more is my bed." Jason W.

Elizabeth Norton works from her home, counseling clients over the phone and the Internet. After six months of sitting on the Soul Seat, she says she will never have any other office chair.

“I have never used another chair to play video games since I got it,” says Chris Norton. Norton’s mother, Carol, got a Soul Seat to help Chris with the challenges of his autism. “His balance is better on the seat,” Carol says. "I'm an energetic athlete who has to sit most of the day. Sitting on the Soul Seat allows me to tap into my energy source throughout the day, and it feels great!"--- Beth Hammock, strategic communications consultant

“I’ve been a chronic pain patient for 20 years. I sit up straighter and am less tired sitting on the Soul Seat. Just the fact that I can sit comfortably for longer is significant."--- Elizabeth Norton, relationship coach, Madison, Wis.

"I have tried the Soul Seat and absolutely LOVE IT! The first day I had it I hated it, but I discovered that I didn't have the seat adjust properly. Once I got the adjustment right, it was amazing! I have sat on balls as chairs and ball chairs for many years now and there is no comparison between the Soul seat and balls/ball chairs.

The Soul Seat provides all the benefits I receive from the ball plus much more. My posture is much better, I have actually learned to slouch on a ball/ball chair. :( I am much more comfortable and can work much longer at my desk on the Soul Seat than with any other type of chair I have ever used. I would highly recommend this chair to anyone who has posture problems, has problems sitting for extended periods of time or just want to be more comfortable!" - CLF Columbia MO
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