The Renewal of Healthy Sitting

The Soul Seat was designed to address the root cause of most back pain at work. If we were all in ideal health, we would prefer to sit on the floor as our pelvis was brilliantly designed to do. This would reduce humanity's carbon load on the environment due to the fewer pieces of furniture needed to be produced, maintained, shipped and moved from home to home, office to office, and finally to the landfill. You may have noticed that young people today prefer the floor for studying and staying connected on their laptops, smart phones and tablets. As more and more knowledge work migrates to the information cloud, it will be easier to continue choosing to work either standing up or situated comfortably on the floor or a riser of some sort.

The Soul Seat fits into this progression toward healthier work. The Soul Seat helps knowledge workers make the transition to a pelvis flexible and strong enough to maintain focused work wherever their work takes them. Better quality of life at work is designed into each Soul Seat. By stretching and strengthening while you work, the challenges of balancing work, family and caring for yourself become simpler. You tap into pockets of energy throughout the day, breathing, stretching, and knowing you are caring for your body.

The products offered at are hand crafted from renewable materials wherever possible. We are always looking for ways to increase the percentage of low impact parts. Our metal fabricators utilize 80% recycled steel for the core of the Soul Seat. Because production of the Soul Seat is centrally located in the Midwest, the largest portion of the Seat's carbon footprint (shipping) is reduced. Ask about our customizing options. You can choose to have your Soul Seat built with sustainably harvested wood, natural latex foam, sustainable fabrics. You can also choose to have your local upholsterer customize your Soul Seat. We'll ship the Soul Seat un-upholstered and you can work with your local artisan to choose just the right covering. This saves you money on shipping costs and helps keep more of your purchasing dollars local.
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Jack Jones of The Healthy Gamer stopped by to learn about the Soul Seat.

Open yourself to more energy and flexibility.

Stretch your quads.

"Proper alignment is effortless."---- Sienna, yoga instructor and massage therapist.

Keep your hips flexible.