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5 Tips for surviving the holidays without your Soul Seat!

Are you traveling this month and can't take your Soul Seat with you? We're here to help! Here are 5 great options to help you avoid the pain that comes from sitting in conventional chairs. Trust us, your body will thank you!


1. Scope out the chair in each room that will best accommodate cross-legged sitting and lunge for it.


2. Offer everyone else a seat and hang back until there’s nothing left but the floor. Then selflessly embrace the “suffering”.


3. Find allies among the babies and young people at your gathering. Organize puzzles and board games on the floor, then invite the adults you want to hang with to join you there. Bounce a fussy baby, or take a bored toddler for a walk so you aren’t sitting so much. You’ll be much appreciated by all involved.


4. Organize your activities with stretching and movement in mind. Sign yourself and the crew up for a holiday run/walk fundraiser. Be the one to suggest a hike after meals. Grab an ankle and stretch your quads at every available opportunity. Take a squat every chance you get (pretend to tie shoelaces or point out something cool to a toddler).


5. Prepare your “Thanks, but no thanks” response in advance for when folks insist on moving you to a chair. Examples: “It’s not personal, I just prefer the floor, that’s all.” “My chiropractor/massage therapist/physiotherapist has prescribed this for my ___(fill in the blank)__. " “I’m much more comfortable here after so many hours on the plane / train / car.”