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Behind the Scenes, Artisan Carol Brown

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I always look forward to visits to Carol's shop. It's located in a modest one-story Saltbox house on a quiet street. A light yellow house with white trim in the western section of Columbia, Missouri, Carol's creativity spills out to a cosy garden.  To enter Carol's home is to be invited right into her shop. The first thing you see upon entering is her massive work table. It fills what was once the living room. Beneath the windows are various industrial sewing machines and the walls are draped with her quilts and art she has collected over the years. A mural she and her children painted fills the hall to the rest of the house. There are usually several projects in the works. During  the time of year when Columbia hosts the nationally known Roots 'n Blues 'n BBQ Festival, she's often working on sewing up the costumes for giant puppets that locals expect to see in the parade. If you have a vinyl or custom fabric Soul Seat, it was very likely upholstered in Carol's home shop. Through working with folks like Carol, we've learned that sustainabiility isn't just about sourcing the materials thoughtfully, it is also about sustaining the communities out of which our products come. My regular conversations with Carol sustain my enthusiasm as a founder. As fascinating as all the moving parts of a business are, they don't exist in isolation from our local community. Carol is a key player in local social justice work. Her skills and passions aren't bounded by her love of creating in fabric. I'm sure this is true for you as well. As the old movement song used to say, "Our life is more than our work, and our work is more than our job." Carol is a living embodiment of that sentiment. Columbia, Missouri is on the national map for its True/False Film festival and its annual Roots 'n Blues 'n BBQ festival. Both of which have featured the handiwork of Carol in their parades, decorations, and props. It's a joy when our paths cross outside of business seeing her...
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