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A few Floor Culture gift ideas for One of A Kind Mothers

Imagine the iconic image of Mother’s Days gone by, the children deliver breakfast in bed to an adoring mother.  You can see past the proud children through the bedroom door to the totally trashed kitchen.  You somehow know that the vacation from motherhood would last only until she entered the kitchen.

Here at Health By Design, we’ve got suggestions to make Mother’s day a truly unique year for giving.  Because your mother is one of a kind, here are gift ideas that say "We want you healthy and vibrant for many more years."  

Let’s start with that bed tray you deliver her breakfast on.  Had you considered showing her how she can repurpose it as a floor desk so she can read her favorite book while you clean up the kitchen?  We like the one featured in the photo and is available here for several reasons. The height is adjustable, it's made of bamboo, and one side has no lip.  It's light enough to double as a stand-up desk if placed on a table or counter.

A book idea that can give Mom a lifetime of freedom and relief from debilitating pain is by one of our favorite movement specialists, Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement.  You can purchase her book, Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief, here.

If you build Mom a shoe cubby and promise to always leave shoes at the door, you make choosing the floor that much more inviting and make less cleaning effort for the entire family.  There are so many styles and sizes to choose from. Consider how it fits with your home decor and space if it will be near the front door. Does it provide an inviting place to sit and remove shoes and lace up boots? 

Consider building or purchasing a low table for the TV.  Our family makes movie time, stretching time.  When we're enjoying our favorite shows from the floor, we tend to munch less, move more, and it's easier to resist binge watching.  When we get up we feel great!

If TV isn't your thing, puzzles and board games are best enjoyed on tables just a bit lower than the conventional coffee table. Be sure your game/puzzle table has plenty of room to stretch and fold legs underneath.  Tables with substantial skirts or massive bases make this hard even if they've got the welcoming height.

And of course if you've already implimented these strategies of family togetherness with Mom on the healthy floor, perhaps this year what whe would really like is night away at an Air BnB.