FAQ for the Soul Seat Yoga Chair

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FAQ for the Soul Seat Ergonomic Chair

How do I decide which size cushion (standard or large) to order?

There are exceptions, but folks over 5 feet 9 inches generally prefer the large size. The standard size also works best with desk openings as narrow as 30 inches.

My word! I can get a swivel chair with a back included for $59 dollars at Staples. What’s with the price?

There are three major factors behind the pricing of the Soul Seat;
1. The price represents the value customers have reported compared to their conventional office chairs, (fewer trips to chiropractor, greater focus at work, better posture etc.}
2. The price represents the fair compensation of our local artists who hand craft the chairs and floor desks for us.
3. As a very small start-up company, our continued financial viability requires larger operating margins than the big box retailers.

Do the Soul Seats with wooden legs swivel?

No. If you like to roll around your office from work station to work station, you’ll probably prefer the swivel chair legs.

Are both cushions adjustable?

Yes! They are designed for you to adjust the small cushion (Perch) to your flexibility or particular postures you prefer. Then you adjust the lower cushion to get the best height relative to your work space. We recommend that you adjust the overall height so you elbows are just above the height of you work, allowing your shoulders to be relaxed and wrists slightly lower than elbows. But of course you’re going to be moving a lot as well, getting up every 30 minutes right? Switching to a standing position for a while. If you haven’t considered being in continual motion contact us for recommendations of adjustable stand-up desks.

Where's the rest of it?  Aren’t chairs supposed to have backs and arms?

To be honest, the inventor, Pack Matthews, put a back on the first prototype because, Tradition! He soon found out that once the great posture that the Soul Seat facilitates shows up, a conventional back is superfluous. When we use the Soul Seat, we need lumbar support about as much as toddlers sitting on the floor, or when we’re standing. We don’t run around providing lumbar support to our guests standing around at a cocktail party. We don’t drive to the elementary school with our child’s lumbar support when they realized they forgot theirs during reading rug period. We’re better off without that crutch being available right there in reach.

I don’t see any choices for sustainable fabrics, wood or cushioning material.

We have them available. Give us a call or email and we’ll fill you in on all the options and their additional cost. We’re still waiting for someone to order their Soul Seat in a locally grown hemp fabric with natural latex cushion material. Yummy! We were pleased to find out that our steel parts are already fashioned from 80% recycled product.

The Soul Seat looks so uncomfortable. Where can I try one out first?

Most people who haven’t had a chance to sit on a Soul Seat assume it will be uncomfortable. But once they try it! We call it the Soul Seat Sigh. That smile, the relaxing “Ahhh” that folks express as they have their first experience on the Soul Seat. It’s a pleasure jolt of recognition when their spine finds an end to it’s fight with gravity and hips. Femurs, pelvis and back get to work together effortlessly. Folks are transported to a time in their lives when sitting didn’t spark an internal battle. For some folks, they haven’t felt that way in decades. If you live in NYC, LA or Chicago, we can arrange for one our local reps to set you up with a test run. However, we’re pretty serious about our 90 day money back guarantee, so your purchase is risk free. Since we’ve only been asked to refund two customers in the last five years, we’re pretty confident you’ll be pleased with our products. The first was a well-meaning spousal order, the second came in at 3:14 am. Is Ambien ordering a thing?

How wide an opening do I need in my desk?

In order to allow room for swiveling and easy movement in and out from under your workstation allow at least 27 inches for the standard size and 34 inches if you are ordering the large size.

What are the dimensions of the Soul Seats?

The width of the standard size is 25 inches. The width of the large size is 32 inches.

From the floor to the top of the "Perch" (smaller cushion) is 18 inches at the lowest setting and can be raised to over 22 inches with the gas cylinder and Perch extended.

For the stationary base design (wooden legs) the lowest hieght of the Perch is 17 inches and raises to over 28 inches when both cushions are fully extended.

These are the standard dimensions and can be customized within certain limits to match your situation through choices of gas cylinder and other custom options. Call us to discuss your situation and we'll be happy to accommodate. The only requests we've consistently declined is to install a back and cup holders. We'll be more than happy to explain why.